...but your home doesn't have to be.


At Graceful Spaces, we believe your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy each day to the fullest. Have a look around and just imagine what we can do for you!

After becoming empty-nesters, my husband and I decided to move and downsize our living space by 75%, and I anticipated lots of stress. I was so thankful when Leah began helping! She let us make our own choices but asked the right questions to help make that process less emotional and more practical. She gently pushed each of us to tackle our personal stashes and calmly coordinated the frenzy of the move! In my opinion, Leah was vital to making our move happen and start to get settled in our new little place!
- AR
Lately I’ve been caring for my elderly mom and looking at how much stuff she has acquired over the years. I decided I don’t want my children to have the burden of going through so many of my belongings after I’m gone. Leah introduced me to the concept of minimalism and it really started to click. Leah was so helpful in making me realize what possessions are important and what is considered excess. Leah provides a low pressure, unbiased environment. She makes organizing fun and educational! It is a pleasure working with her and I feel like I can breathe again in my clutter free space.
- TD