(Graceful Spaces)

Leah DeBaun has had a passion for organization and minimalist living since before she knew the meaning of the words. She grew up in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana with her parents and brother. She often took it upon herself to clear out unwanted clutter in various areas of the home, repaint and rearrange her bedroom and host detailed parties for her friends.


Leah attended Purdue University and studied Organizational Leadership and Supervision. After college, she married and has worked as an event planner for five years. Keeping up the level of attention to detail required by a career in the event industry at a small business has honed Leah’s organizational skills even further.
In her spare time, Leah began delving deeper into the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. Going room by room, she sold or donated almost 50% of her belongings. She was hooked. Once her own home was in order, she began helping friends and family sort through problem areas, relocate, downsize and redecorate. Leah realized her passion for helping people maintain a peaceful living space partnered with her skill set of decision making and organizational thinking made her a perfect professional organizer.


She currently has a tiny house under construction and plans to move in with her husband, dog and cat during the fall of 2018. She is excited to help more people clear the clutter and live a more simplified lifestyle.